Cupcakes & More


Having a party and need some party snacks? Have fun filling the dessert table with these sweet treats by completing the “Cupcakes & More Order Form” with your selected items.


Box of 6: Starting from $20
Box of 12: Starting from $35
Box of 25: Starting from $65

Add-on decors:
Filling – approx. +$0.50 per cupcake
Edible Icing – approx. +$1 per cupcake
Customization – starting from +$1.50 per cupcake

Choux Pastry & Tarts

Choux Pastry aka Cream Puffs aka Profiteroles

Flavours – Chocolate Cream, Hazelnut Cream, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Cream

Box of 6: Starting from $15
Box of 12: Starting from $28
Choux Pastry Tower (aka Croquembouche): Starting from $105  ~approx 60pcs


Flavours – Dark Choco, Lemon, Cookies & Cream and Baileys Choco

Mini: $2.50 each
Standard: $4.00 each


Flavours – Double Chocolate, Strawberry Lychee, Chocolate Mint, Salted Caramel, Sweet Sour Lemons, Orange Chocolate, Vanilla Strawberry

Box of 6: Starting from $22 (depending on customization)

Macaron 10-Tier Tower (standing): Starting from $550  ~approx 190pcs

Macaron 10-Tier Tower (flat): Starting from $400  ~approx 130pcs

*Prices for Macaron Towers are inclusive of tower rental, setup and delivery costs. Pre-order 2 weeks in advance. Number of tower tiers are customizable, please email us for quotation.

More Sweet Treats

Cake Pops – Starting from $2.50 each
Rice Krispies – Starting from $2 each
Brownie Bites (Toasted Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Choco Cheeze) – Starting from $38 for a box of 20pcs.
Cookies (Pnut Butter, Marmite Crunch, Double Chocolate Macadamia, Walnut Cocoa Buttons, Cranberry Macadamia)- Starting from $10 per pack or $22 for 250g box.

Kindly note that final pricing depends on complexity of customization, starting from +$1.50 per sweet treat. Individually wrapped treats +$0.20 each.

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